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Products By the Pound

Enjoy any or all of our  handmade gourmet confections which are made in small batches with only the finest ingredients. . Each batch is made from scratch with fresh butter, premium nuts, and only Belgian chocolate for our toffees and decadent truffles.

Signature Brittles by the pound

 Signature Pecan Brittle    $19.95

Cashew Brittle                    $19.95

Peanut Brittle                       $15.95

Cinnamon Roasted Nuts by the pound

Almonds      $15.95

Fudge by the pound

Chocolate       $15.95
        Walnut    $16.95
Signature Toffees by the pound

AlmondToffee                    $19.95

Pecan Toffee                     $19.95

Macadamia Toffee              $19.95

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