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About Us

 My love for making candy began years ago as a child when my mother and I would spend hours baking,making fudge and on occasions peanut brittle. It was the peanut brittle that fascinated me the most. That fascination never left and soon after graduating from college, I once again started making peanut brittle. I wanted to make a peanut brittle that was thin, crispy, and full of peanuts. After a few years of experimenting I not only came up with the perfect peanut brittle but also the most wonderfully addictive pecan brittle that you will ever taste. I didn't stop there though, being a huge chocolate lover, I knew I had to find that perfect toffee as well. Now knowing how much I adore chocolate, I bet you are not surprised to learn that truffles will soon be on the menu as well.

Nuts 4 Brittle..........great name isn't it! Unfortunately I can't take the credit for that name, my husband is the one that gets all the credit for that. For years he would tease me that I was nuts for brittle and so naturally when we decided to start selling the brittles and toffees I made, we knew our company would have to be named Nuts 4 Brittle!

All of our brittles and toffees are my own original recipes. I have spent years working on these to perfect them and I can honestly say that I have turned many....many....non brittle lovers into Nuts 4 Brittle lovers. Not that grandma's recipes aren't good but let's face it, everyone has grandma's recipes and can make their own at home.

For those of you out there that absolutely love a specific nut and would like to have a brittle or toffee made out of it, please do not hesitate to call or email with a request. I have many special requests and some of them will soon be offered on our website.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read a little bit about us. If you have any questions or special orders that you would like to place you can email us at or call us at 480-895-1552. We are constantly updating our website so please check back often. :)

From our family to yours, have a Sweet & Nutty Day.......

Lisa and Jim

Truffles...........Coming January 2011

About Us
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